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 Addon: Recount

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PostSubject: Addon: Recount   Addon: Recount EmptySat Nov 14, 2009 10:42 pm

Recount / Download

Recount is a WoW addon that calculates damage and healing done by characters in the party or raid group. The addon serves as an analysis tool in order to gauge player's performance. It supports detailed information the form of pie charts, line graphs and real-time reports.

The addon breaks down the total damage and healing done into damage and healing done by each ability's name and percentage. The graphs will show which ability performs the damage or healing.

In-Game Commands:
- /recount - Displays a list of command options.
- /recount show - Displays the list of damage or healing done.
- /recount hide - Hide the addon window.
- /recount toggle - Toggles the option to show the addon window.
- /recount config - Displays the configuration window.
- /recount report detail - Displays the detail report configuration window.
- /recount report main - Displays the main report configuration window.

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Addon: Recount
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